Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The beauty or the beast

Have you ever experienced a situation where a guy felt more attracted to you when you were 'a beast'? When you were playing hard, totally disinterested, didn’t call? Wasn’t that the time when you got most attention from the guy?
I have seen men going wild on this. Yes, I do know that one feels more attracted to something you can’t have. The game of ‘catch and hunt’ – the similarity to cattish behavior just gets guys going. In addition, women themselves give each other the advise ‘don’t call him and he will’ or ‘be strong and just show him the cold shoulder and you will see how he will come back to you’.
Sadly, most of the times, the friends are right. It works.
But honestly, there are times, when you just want to be able to call, to ask, to be who you are. Why does it always have to be a game? Are we not good enough as the women that we are?
Playing games is fun – but playing is more fun, when you choose to but not when it becomes a strategy to be liked. It’s sad when the game has to become you, because the real you is out of fashion.
So, it’s on to you to decide if you want to be the beauty or the beast.

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