Sunday, June 3, 2012


Spending time with children is one of the advices given to de-stress and to live a healthy balanced life. I think it is beautiful and I can just affirm the advice.

I have discovered the following lessons, when spending time with kids:
Being present: Children mainly live in the present. They are not worried too much about tomorrow or even the next moment. You will hardly ever hear a child say 'I was just worrying about how the next week will turn out at the kindergarden'
Adventurous and courageous: Children have a lot of courage. Specially very small children explore their world without fear. Everything around them is an adventure. They don't really think about the consequences of their behaviour (their parents do that for them ;-) ) which enables them to experience so much more every day. 
Embracing the world around me as special and full of miracles: Touching green grass, watching ants crawl and observing water drops running down the window like pearls are the little miracles that children encounter every day. The little things that are normal for us, are like world wonders to them. I love it to be reminded that the world around me is full of miracles.
Demanding from the people we love the care we need: Children are also selfish creatures, but mainly because they have a need. A child will tell you loudly when it needs something, if its food, clothes or if somethings hurts. If they need a hug they will run to their mother and if they don't want to be hugged, they will say so.
Spending time doing things we don't want to do: How much time do we spend doing things we don't want to do? How often do we hang out politely at some social gathering that we don't want to be at. Children will hardly do anything they don't want to do. As I said before, they are selfish creatures but also super honest.
Strong willed: Did you ever try to make a child eat something it doesn't want to eat? Good luck. They are strong willed and will push to get what they want (even maybe sometimes with not so commonly acceptable measure). 
Laugh loudly and show happiness: The laughter of my little niece and the squeaking sounds she makes when she enjoys somethings are the most beautiful moments when skyping with her. There is no shame or holding back in showing that she is happy and fully enjoying the moment. 

Wishing you a childlike week!!! 

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