Saturday, February 5, 2011

First date

The other day I went on a so called 'first date'. It was quite exciting considering that I cannot remember when I went on a classical first date. The guy choose the restaurant and we met there. (I don't want a guy to know where I live neither rely on him to drive me when I don't know him well). It was a nice place and I felt the act of inviting me out for dinner was really great. It is kind the classical thing that one sees in Hollywood movies, but honestly, it hardly ever happened to me before.
Most of my dates in the past were either guys I already knew or was already dating. Those dates were also really nice, but I think there is something special about first dates with someone you hardly know but you are interested to get to know.

Firstly, it's about the question should I be first or should I be late? I think it is nicer if he is already there, but then my friend told me that she prefers to be first, so she doesn't have to look out for the person.

The first part of the conversation was a bit slow; awkward. The choice of food: Do you order a starter or not? What to eat? 
I know that ultimately one should just be oneself and behave as one always would in a restaurant...but I think everyone would like to make a good impression and even if it will be the only date with that person, one wants to be remembered as the 'nice' one.
The walk to the bathroom: you know he is going to watch you and also watch you come  back towards the table. I then feel like being on the catwalk.
After the dinner, does one order dessert?

At least I managed this time to not even take out my wallet and say anything about paying. It was difficult as I am used to at least offer and in most cases to pay actually half, but I didn't say a word (besides thank you afterwards) and I think that was the right move.

I have to say all in all, luckily the guy turned out to be also the conversation was good and fun. Generally , I have to say, it is very beautiful to go on a date. I felt like a lady and it is definitely a self-esteem boost.

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