Sunday, May 17, 2009


Many men wonder about the friendship between women. Either they face a kind of ‘competition’ with the best friend of their girlfriend/wife or the closeness between women has made them feel uncomfortable.

I was recently asked if I am lesbian because I was hanging out with one of my friends quite a lot. Or due to the announcement of ‘not minding’ to sleep in one bed with a female friend I got a couple of strange looks from men.

So what is it? I think men just need to accept that the friendship between men and the friendship between women is very different. I know that you can’t generalize these things, but there might be some truth to this.

Firstly, I think, women have fewer issues with touching, hugging and holding each other, sleeping next to each other, being naked in front of each other.

Secondly, women have a need to communicate and express themselves. They need/want to talk. Women talk a lot. That’s why they need other women because men just don’t have the patience to listen neither do they listen in the same way as women listen to each other.

Thirdly, women normally have a different way of thinking. Emotions are intertwined with rational thoughts which is often confusing for men.

I also think women understand non-verbal communication better and can exchange their observations.

I'm not sure, maybe I'm missing something. I don't understand why it is such a big thing to men. Any thoughts, ladies?

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