Friday, March 5, 2010

Young, single, professional female above 28 is looking for…?

Back in the world of ‘single-hood’, I started asking myself, why does it seem so difficult to find Mr. Right for some and for others not? What are we looking for and what is on offer?
It is one of the trickiest questions where and how to find the right match. Those once who have found their significant other will usually share their wisdom such as ‘Mr. Right is out there, just keep on looking’ or something like ‘Just try NOT to look out for someone and you will see he will come’; ‘when you less expect it, you will find him’ or ‘you still young, you will find someone easily’ etc. etc.
Single ladies normally come together in sympathy for each other with phrases like: ‘xyz settled down just because she was desperate, I am happy that I am still waiting’ or ‘being single is the greatest thing in life, you can enjoy and be totally independent. I don’t have to compromise for nothing’
I think in all of it lies some truth but also some ways of consoling single women who are desperate.
Does desperation itself lead to making wrong choices? Do we really settle for less and are we therefore less successful maintaining a relationship? How can one keep up the morale, the willingness to take the risk of opening up and falling in love, and not move between the extremes of being an outgoing happy single and depressed, de-motivated single?Justify Full
I think the most important thing is a balanced circle of friends that keep you sane,- singles and couples. Using the advantages of single-hood to be able to do many things, travel, explore, be outgoing, but also rely on what you have. I think in the fewest cases it has something to do with anyone’s personality rather then with the environment. I believe we are all beautiful and powerful beings and our nature will allow us to find Mr. Right. On those days when you loosing hope, do not hang out alone, find your friends, do something fun and be reminded that you are the most gorgeous person in your life, the main actor of your 'life-movie'.

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  1. Is there something as Mr. Right? Why do we all (especially woman) keep buying the idea, that there is something as a mr right? Why not looking instead being "right". Which means mean being right with one self. I do believe in love dont get me wrong. But this obsession of looking the right one.If we are selbst ar enot perfect and probably not mr or mrs right, why do we expect to find mr or mrs right out there. Its ksut about finding someone you like, values you and is willing to work in a relation. I think long lasting relations are build more on the willigness and compromise of gettign ina serious relation with someone whose presence does you good and not with the ilusion you are with mr right.


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