Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rely on your friends

This entry will not only apply to women but is probably a general statement. I want to emphasise the importance of relying on our friends, family and social networks as much as we can.
All of us experience hard ship in some way and the other and we often too polite, too afraid, too down, actually ask people for help and support. On the other hand we all know that listening and supporting a friend is very rewarding and we mostly do it with pleasure to go out of our way to be able to do something for another person. We normally don't mind. 
But why do we then mind to ask for it from a friend? I think it is very human to be scared and to be afraid to show one's weaknesses. In the end of the day, politeness or 'not wanting to burden' someone else, does not help anyone. It doesn't give the friend a chance to be a friend and it doesn't give oneself the support and helping hand required.
So let's all do our best to get over our own self a bit and do what friends are therefore - rely on each other!

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