Sunday, June 19, 2011

Freewill or fate? - the Adjustment Bureau

When something goes wrong who do we hold accountable? God or any other higher power, ourselves, our fellow humans? Is it a pre-designed plan or can we influence our fate with something called our freewill? The movie 'The Adjustment Bureau' with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt those intangible concepts receive a tangible outfit in form of the 'adjustment bureau' and the 'chairman'.
Watching the movie I thought about the way life pans out and how often do we say 'things happen for a reason'? A good friend of mine often said to me 'the choices you make in life is the life you lead'.

Making choices involving our full energies, intelligence - emotional, rational and social - carefully weighing up all the options are those choices that influence our individual lives greatly and often also the lives of others.

I hope you have a chance to watch the movie, it is a good one.

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