Sunday, August 29, 2010

The following entry has bee written in compassion and empathy for all people suffering from depression. It's an encouragement to speak up and to know - you are not alone.

They say - I am sick.
They say - I am depressed.
I am strong, I am not crazy
I am in control.
An illness telling me who I am?
Dictating how I have to live my life?

I fight for the right to say
"I am not sick"
I fight
Every battle becomes tougher -
the wounds deeper
the loss bigger
the defeat more devastating

1.5 years later...
I wave the white flag - I give up.
I hand myself over
I lay silently like a defeated soldier
I open my eyes - no chains, no enemy
I am free
I am me/I am we

The peace agreement reads: Full acceptance of the depression has freed and liberated you! No more battles, if the principles of love, tolerance and kindness are applied for yourself
(August 2010)

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