Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011

It has been quite a while since I shared my ‘widsom’ ;-) with all of you but I didn’t know what to write about so I left it. (if there is any topic you would like to read about, you welcome to write something or inspire me for a topic). Anyway, lets see what the year 2011 hold for me and this blog.

Just on the site, for the singles reading this, I read a very interesting book, it’s called ‘Good man hunting’ and it is a fiction novel of a thirty something single woman in Australia and her friends. The author shares their experience of love, life, relationships, loss and wins etc. through short 3 to 6 pager write ups . I wouldn’t give it a literature award but was an easy and relaxing holiday read. The only thing that bugged me from time to time was the fact that the short stories and experiences were so real in terms of real life that it was almost painful reading it. It was like ‘yeah right, this is how life goes and so what is funny and interesting about it? So, life is really how you, me and all the other people experience it every day?’. Anyway, for the ones close to me, you welcome to lend it from me.

Otherwise, 2011 has begun in full swing and here in SA it’s boiling hot and an amazing summer season especially if you are still on holiday. I wish all the women (and men) who read the stories on this blog a great year 2011. I hope you all will be able and happy to enjoy every moment of your life, live life to the fullest and maybe adopt a bit of my new life philosophy ‘Whatever works’ after the same titled Woody Allan movie. ;-).

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