Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't give up

Last weekend I felt a ride with my bicycle to the close by market would be an easy and enjoyable treat after 3 weeks of daily gym sessions and a sense of grown ‘fitness’ levels. Midway I actually realised how wrong I was.  I was struggling. I could hardly keep a constant speed, peddling was difficult and I was sweating - all of it on an easy, flat  road. I felt anger creeping up inside myself: ‘Why all the effort to be fit, to lose weight when I am still such a looser?’

I was peddling, struggling and in addition really being harsh to myself with all sorts of insults and angry words. The result?  Me bursting into tears of anger, total exhaustion and a great sense of just wanting to give up. I wanted to give up to ride to the market, give up gym and give up trying to lose weight....and overall just give up on enjoying my weekend.

In retrospect, I can laugh about it. It’s almost worthwhile drawing a caricature picturing me cycling, sweating and crying like a baby. Lol
Besides smiling about it, this experience made me realise again that we are our worst enemies. Our own minds have more power over us then anything or anyone else.
So what to do when you about to give up?

  • Firstly, remember to be your own best friend. Only say things to yourself you would say out loud to someone else.
  • Secondly, make a conscious choice in your mind - because you CAN. It is up to you to see the glass half full or half empty. I know well that it seems the most difficult thing in the world in that moment. The classic excuse is: ‘it’s not always easy’. One also finds a lot of ‘buts’ why you cannot. But we CAN. You have more power over yourselves then you wish to acknowledge.
  • Thirdly, don’t give up. Giving up takes two seconds, building up to this point has already cost you substantially more time and energy. Perseverance will pay out.
  • Fourthly, find a ‘good karma’ person around you to cheer you up. You are not alone with the challenge to persevere.

I know the things I mention are stating the obvious, but I thought sharing my experience would maybe encourage you to NOT GIVE UP

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