Wednesday, February 8, 2012


When the day at the office seems endless and the to-do-lists get longer, it's time for a little energizer. No, I am not talking about a specific cool drink but about little things that can help to take the burden off our minds. Below a list of things that take you five minutes or less and will give you that little bit of energy to get though the next few hours.

  • Breathe - Just breathe deeply in and out for one minute while looking out the window.
  • Allow yourself a little treat - when we are snowed under we also burden ourselves with the guilt of not allowing ourselves to have this one piece of chocolate. Nonsense, if that is what will give you a little boost, have the chocolate, sweet, ice cream, ....
  • Take a five minute break - get up from your desk, go to the bathroom or kitchen - just for a moment. Then, go back to your desk and instead of diving back into the one thing that stresses you out the most, take a look at the things at hand. Give yourself a pad on your shoulder for the things completed and have a realistic look at what is still to come. Is it really as bad and overwhelming as you think?
  • Save three funny pictures in your mailbox - when you need a booster, look at them. The smile will give you a little kickstart. Alternatively, keep an email, photo or letter close by that gives you a warm feeling (e.g. from your partner or a very good friend). Words that gave you a real ego-boost when you received them. Read them again.
  • Have two glasses of ice water.

P.S. The following lines are more a 'on the side' note, but maybe worth a thought. Everyone will be able to do one of the above even when you extremely stressed out. The truth is, sometimes we do not really want to let go of the stress. The stress attached to certain things and even the complaining and feeling low is often also something that keeps us going. A lot of work and stress makes us feel needed and important. And only if we super stressed, the colleagues at work will believe that 'our work' is extremely important. Being stressed assists in focusing on one specific thing and justifies why not looking at other things.

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