Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of my New Year's resolution was to reconnect with friends and acquaintances that I have lost contact with. I have a lot of people that in certain periods of my life where close and added a lot of value but time and space did not allow to stay in close contact. 
I realised that I really enjoy it when one of them gets in touch with me. And even if it has been an eternity of not being in touch there is no remorse but happiness to hear from the person. Hence, I thought that I will commit some time this year to reconnect and instead of waiting for people to get in touch with me, get in touch with them. I made a list of names and every Sunday throughout the year I try and write an email or a card to reconnect.
After almost two months I have to say the outcome is amazing. The great thing is that most of these friends found themselves in the same situation. The reason for not being in touch was simply 'life happens'.

It is beautiful to hear people's life stories, what has shaken up their lives and what has changed and where they are now. It is nice to know that these friends still exist and that once you get talking, things between you seem like 'back then'. It might happen that another year or two will go by until you chat again or maybe even see each other BUT the nice thing the contact has been refreshed.

So this is an encouragement - RECONNECT! Be in touch with an email, a call, a Facebook note or Skype greeting. I promise you it will make you feel good. You will not only feel reconnected with old friends but reconnected with the world.

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  1. I love our reconnection! Just this morning I had another cup of you tea...precious. Salam dari Jakarta!


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