Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting what you really want

Photo by Frederico Stevanin
Recent developments in my life strengthened my belief in 'sending the message out to the universe'  - as many people colloquially say- and as a result getting what I really wanted.
I don't have particular strong feelings about 'the universe' part of it, but I had many experiences where I have clearly set out a goal, a wish or a dream and it became reality. Sometimes it even became so true/real that I was surprised by the beauty of my own dream.
Many situations have shown me that we live in a place of possibilities (reminding me of Benjamin Zander's message in the Art of Possibilities). 
So how does it work? I try to listen carefully to myself and get the message about what I really want and what I'm really passionate about. 
Once I'm clear about my idea I normally write it down or I at least talk about it with someone. I let my mind wonder and explore all the possibilities that are hidden within the idea itself. As a result  my whole being and doing becomes about the wish and probably also directs my actions towards the achievements of the dream so that my dream can become reality.
The 'universe' or the place where one sends the message out to has something divine. For me it comes very close to my Christian believes and ideas I find in the Bible. 
I do believe that we often underestimate the power of our mind and our subconsciousness when we think, act and articulate what we want. 

I can say I am achieving  what I want in life. As mentioned above, I am still taken by surprise when my dreams become reality and I am deeply thankful.  What I am trying to do though is to make 'thinking possibility' my way of living. 
Photo by Tungphoto
Don't get me wrong. It is not always easy. The problem is that the message I send out has to come clearly from me as a whole person. So, if I say something, but think something different and actually am not honest to myself about the wish, it doesn't work because confusing dreams don't have the power of becoming reality. They can even be counter productive. I also have to do quite a bit of 'housekeeping' and cleaning up of internal challenges and blockages in order to clearly know what I want. This opens up space for creativity and ideas - dreams.
I also believe is one is not clear in formulating the idea it shows doubt that the dream is actually possible and results in non-realisation. Only once the believe in the possibility is greater than the doubt an idea can become true.

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