Monday, May 2, 2011

Life and death - live the moment

Death is not really something I like to hear or talk about but is an integral part of our lives. Just today, I received an email from a good friend telling me that his closest friends and me about the passing of his mother. As I am far away from where he lives, I was not aware of her sickness and the email came quite as a shock to me. I guess many of us have experienced moments like this one.

When I find myself confronted with a sad message of the significance to appreciate life. It is those moments when I remember that the essentials in life are very simple: living in the present, appreciate every moment of your life, be at peace with your environment and the people around you. I often find myself caught up in unimportant things, worry about the superficial and forget to focus on relationships and people rather then things.

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  1. Juliana,
    this is the sort of post I need to read every day. So easy to get caught up in the washing machine of everyday life.


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