Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's day

The overload with mother's day adds and gift ideas makes me think about the meaning of the day. 

I do remember that my mom used to say 'I don't want flowers or anything on mother's day but rather appreciate me throughout the year.' But then on the day, when the flowers were put on the table, my mom still had a big smile on her face and when she received a special treat, she took it with great pleasure. She deserved it, of course. Most mothers do. I do think it is not about fancy gifts but a gesture of appreciation for the mother. I do agree that honouring and celebrating mothers around the world for their compassion, dedication and care are important - and not only on mother's day.
I think I have remembered to show my mom appreciation more times then just on that one day (Mom, I hope you agree) but I think it is a bit like Valentine's day. Most people will tell you that they think it is a commercialized day and there is no value in it. When they receive something on the day and/or are treated, they fully enjoy it. When they don't get anything - and this refers specifically to women - they feel this pinch of envy towards their colleague, friend or sister who got something. I think mothers feel the pinch also a bit on that day if no-one remembers. So, don't forget to give her at least a call on the day, she will appreciate it.

On those special days (mother's, father's, Valentine's, I also think of those people who have lost the special person to celebrate with. I find it tragic that every street corner, every coffee shop and even every TV show screams at them 'the person to celebrate today is gone'. I don't want to make this day a morbid occasion for those who do celebrate it. Maybe make another call to your friend whose special someone is not around anymore.

Below a link to a poem that I wrote some months back for my mom:

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